Champs, Chocolate & Football

News flash, tomorrow is the Super Bowl!  

News flash, the New England Patriots will be on the field!!

News flash it is my BIRTHDAY!  

What does this all mean and have anything do with chocolate?  

First off, we are currently preparing for our own Super Bowl aka Valentine's Day.  As the Pats train and prepare for the game of the year, we here at Pure are preparing for our Big Day.  If you haven't had a chance to check out our new website take a look around and click on our Seasonal section.  You will see many of our new creations and our tried in and trues. If you are local then definitely stop by store and find something sweet for anyone and everyone you love.

Football on the brain? Speaking of football the New England Patriots have proven time and time again that they are Champs. I think the Patriots are great but in all honesty they are not my favorite Champs around.  The best champs are light, sometimes fruity, sometimes dry but always have tons of bubbles. They go by the name of champagne, cava, prosecco and sparkling and they all pair perfectly with chocolate.  If you want to find out about some of our favorite pairings we are partnering up with Wollaston Wine on Friday, February, 9th from 5:30PM to 7:30PM to do a tasting and pairing with a few of our favorite sparkling pals.  Click on the link to get all the info.

Tomorrow is a big day for many New Englanders, the wings are being marinated, the dips are being made, and the kegs are being tapped.  Being my birthday, tomorrow it is an extra special day for me.  Many will be out celebrating and going to the bars or house parties.  Since it is the last day I will have off until after February 14th I am choosing to stay home and celebrate with a great steak dinner, a bottle of cava and chocolate cake, light a fire and watch the game with my two favorite guys.  Sounds perfect for me on a cold rainy winter day.

What are your plans to watch the Super Bowl?